The windsurfmaran is a project I started in May 2017. ¬†Inspired by others who have shared home built sailboats and kayak/canoe sailing conversions, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. Taking further design cues from L’Hydroptere, Phase I focuses on building a functioning trimaran platform from hardware store materials.

Phase I  РBuild Details

Main hull: 11′ 6″ Tiga Swift 325 ¬†windsurfing board
Mast: standard windsurfing mast – 2 piece fiberglass – approximately 16′ luff
Boom: standard aluminum boom, approximately 6’6″
Sail: Neil Pryde 6.4m
Outriggers: 5′ long 4″ diameter ABS pipe with custom noise/tail caps made from fiberglass/foam
Cross member: 2″x4″x12′ douglas fir
Seat frame: 1″x4″, 1/2″ plywood,
Rudder: 1 1/4″ PVC, 1″ PVC, wooden rudder
Forestay: paracord at 160 lbs working load
Shrouds: two total, doubled paracord, 160 lbs working load
Nose/tail cones: fiberglass/chopped strand mat/polyester resin/over styrofoam core

Once Phase I construction is complete, sea trials will begin! (well harbor trials). Stay tuned for more pictures on the build and until then, clear skies and fair winds.

Here are some spreadsheets I used for relevant calculations

ama dimensions v1

windsurfing calculations and strength data