Won’t get fooled again

My new flotation calculations. Going for a bit more than 35 lbs…

Total Length (in) 72.00
Length of square midsection (in) 26.30
Length of remaining section(s) (in) 45.70
Length of nose and tail cone (in) 22.85
General form of nose profile Ax^2
A value (coefficient) 1.00
Form of equation 1.000
X-value given hull profile at y = 24 4.78
Total outrigger width 9.56
General form of Integral A/3 x^3
Form of integral 0.33
Value of integral from 0 to x-value (inches) 36.41
Area of half of nose cone rectangle (in^2) 109.23
Area of half of the nose cone (in^2) 72.82
Area of one nose cone (or tail cone) (in^2) 145.64
Area of both nose and tail cone (in^2) 291.27
Area of mid section (in^2) 251.44
Total cross section area (birds eye) (in^2) 542.71
Desired volume (ft^3) 3.00
Desired volume (in^3) 5184.00
Required height given volume (in) 9.55
Total weight of water displaced (lbs) 187.20
Total plywood surface area (in^2) 2460.92
Total cross section area of gusset plates (in^2) 277.07
Misc weight – glue/screws/paint (lbs) 10.00
Total volume of surface plywood 615.23
Total volume of gusset plates 173.17
Total plywood volume 788.40
Density of 1/4″ plywood (lbs/ft^3) 37.40
Density of plywood (lbs/in^3) 0.02
Total volume of lengthwise ribs (1/2 a 2″x2″)(in^3) 324.00
Density of ribs (doug fir) (lbs/ft^3) 32.00
Density of doug fir (lbs/in^3) 0.02
Total plywood weight (lbs) 17.06
Total gusset plate weight (lbs) 3.75
Total lengthwise rib weight (lbs) 6.00
Total weight of outrigger (lbs) 26.81
Total weight of water displaced (lbs) 187.20
Total flotation (lbs) 160.39
Flotation at 50% submerged (lbs) 80.19
Flotation at 75% submerged (lbs) 120.29
Flotation at 80% submerged (lbs) 128.31
Flotation at 90% submerged (lbs) 144.35

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